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Note:  Registration fees will be collected later by the coach, for now you will receive an email confirmation.  Be sure to select the payment button to complete registration, though no fees will be collected yet.

What is CPL? Community Players League is a subdivision of 49erysl which serves the needs of recreation players (Div. 4) after U14.  Players from the Auburn, Newcastle, Foresthill, Placer Hills and Colfax clubs join together to form a few teams at the U-16 and U-19 age groups.  Teenagers who want to continue playing soccer for social and recreational reasons, but don’t want to put time/money/energy into soccer as a competitive sport enjoy the benefits of CPL.  As is the case in the younger age groups, EVERYBODY PLAYS in CPL.  All team members play at least 50% of a game unless they have an injury, illness, or for some reason are being disciplined by the coach (rare).

Eligibility- players ages 13 - 18 in this calendar year are eligible for CPL. 

When does the season start/end? Practices start it early August with the first game being the weekend before Labor Day, and ends 11 weeks later with a break in the middle for tournaments.  District 6 Cup Tournament happens right after that to make room for the high school season.

How far do teams travel? Half of the games are played at home and half are away. Home games are played in the Auburn/Meadow Vista area.   Away games are usually within 30-45 min drive of Auburn. Teams may have to drive as far as Elk Grove or Woodland for an away game.  Coaches may also ask their team if they are interested in competing in tournaments in addition to Dist. Cup.  It is up to the team to decide.

What does the registration fee cover?  Reg fees cover uniforms (home and away jersey, shorts, socks), basic picture package, insurance, field and equipment costs, referees, and registration fees for CYSA (Calif Youth Soccer Association) as well as entry fee for District Cup which is played in December. The boards of hard-working men and women who organize and schedule the season do so without pay. 

Questions? contact Andy at 530-392-0258